5th Generation Software Test Automation.
Scriptless. Intelligent. SIMPLE. 
A revolution, clear as light.

Key Features & Innovations

Naviflow Learner

Robotic unit that automatically discovers and learns the application interface including fields, data requirements and user interface elements. This core engine allows Tenjin to intelligently navigate screens, automatically respond to action requests, and submit transactions.

Test Executor

End to end test execution capabilities including test data loading, execution via front end screens, response capture and result tabulation. Execution is completely driven by test data and requires no manual intervention. Robust exception handling and inbuilt resilience ensure that Tenjin automatically senses and invokes recovery and resumption procedures when required.

Result Validator

Fully automated validation of test results with baseline results for each test case and identification of discrepancies. Supports comparison of ASCII files, records across single or multiple database tables, and comparison of application specific reports. Drill down views from high level summaries to field specific discrepancies.

API Testing

Tenjin seamlessly extends its automated testing capabilities to API testing as well with the same degree of intelligence, ease and resilience.

Test Management

Define and manage your testing project with the Test Management module.Configure your applications under test, maintain test cases, setup test execution plans, and setup result validations.

Data Extractor

Automate your test data preparation with Tenjin’s Data Extractor utility that extracts data directly from your application front end forms into your Tenjin reusable test data templates. Versatile and powerful, the Data Extractor can generate test data from any of your existing legacy applications and even alternate test environments.

Task Scheduler

Schedule test execution to suit your requirements with the Task Scheduler. Choose from time based scheduling and event based scheduling. Trigger regression tests post application changes or end of day operations testing during off peak hours. Coupled with Tenjin’s powerful reporting and audit capabilities, you get to enjoy automation with assurance and peace of mind.

Defect Publisher

Publish test results, review comments, user uploads and screenshots using the Defect Publisher. The Defect Publisher also provides the capability to aggregate failed test cases by defects. With a continuously growing list of 3rd party integrations, push defect information directly into your defect management system directly.

Test Reporting

Generate reports by Applications Under Test, by Users or by Schedules for internal review, or audit. Preconfigured reports provide summary views on overall progress (transactions executed to available ratios), and success/ failure rates.

Audit Trail

Rest assured with comprehensive audit capability that ensures traceability of not only all users and actions performed by them, but also all tests executed along with test results and identified errors.

A Brief Introduction to Tenjin

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