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Stronger Together

At Yethi our commitment to partners is to build a strong partner ecosystem based on mutual trust with a belief that our success lies in the success of our partners.

Our partner program is designed to enhance collaboration between our partners and us, to take the advantages of our unique testing solution to a large spectrum of customers across multiple industry domains.

We engage with partners via 2 major models – Solution Partners and OEM Partners.

Partner Models

Solution Partners

The Solution Partner Program enables technology service providers to take advantage of Tenjin to deliver best-in-class Test Automation services to their clients.

As a Yethi solution partner you will have access to the Tenjin platform to showcase and resell to your end customers and widen your portfolio.


  • Increase Productivity by a Factor of 2X to 3X
  • Increased test coverage at the same price
  • Reduces test cycle time by 50% and increases resource utilization
  • Highly reusable artifacts can be generated that can significantly reduce testing time & costs
  • 8X to 10X improvement in throughput Vs manual testing and about 3X Vs other tools
  • Higher ROI on testing projects with shorter test cycle time

OEM Partners

As a Yethi OEM partner you will be able to integrate the Tenjin platform directly with your applications and offer it to your end customers. It’s the very best of both worlds: unparalleled Testing Automation, backed by your deep industry knowledge and expertise.


  • Better quality product
  • Faster defect detection
  • Ready Built dev ops support and integration to existing dev ops pipeline
  • Additional licenses for test assets and Tenjin license
  • Greater Customer satisfaction

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