Comprehensive Testing Services

Functional Testing

Acceptance Testing
Test Automation
Regression Pack Build
Concurrency Testing
Test Outsourcing

Security Testing

InfoSec Policies
Security Audits
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Ethical Hacking

Performance Testing

Load Testing
Soak Testing
Stress Testing
Baseline Testing
Service Virtualization

Data Migration

Data Completeness
Data Reconciliation
Data Processability
Data Translation

Bring the Focus Back on What Matters

Maximize Business Benefits, Minimize User Frustration.

Process Driven Testing

Putting the User front and center, Yethi’s process and workflow based testing approach ensures testing is aligned with business flows and practical scenarios resulting in higher system confidence and user acceptability.

Domain Expertize and Reusable Assets

Yethi brings deep domain knowledge of the banking and financial services industry along with an extensive and constantly growing reusable test assets. Enhance your test quality and eliminate delays with curated Test Cases, Test Scenarios and Business Processes from our reusable repositories.

Automation Focussed Approach

With the same technological expertize that is behind the revolutionary Tenjin Test Automation Platform available to you, create a customized approach to automation and significantly improve your testing quality, throughput and resilience.

Yethi Banking Domain Expertize

The Yethi People Advantage


100+ years in banking experience
Vastly Experienced in Development, Implementation & Management of Core Banking Solutions for 20+ years
Involved with large, global Core Banking Projects


120+ Business Analysts + Bankers + Testing Professionals
Domain Expertize – Banking and Financial Services Specialists
Higher Average Experience of ~7 years

Project Expertize

Experience across all major Core Banking Solutions – FLEXCUBE, Finacle, Bancs, FIS Profile, Temenos T24
Global experience including at large multinational banks

Yethi Banking Test Assets

With decades of experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry and a growing customer base, we continue to enrich our pre-packaged test case repository for Functional Testing. This repository is built leveraging our understanding of business processes and ensures that our customers can maximize quality, speed and efficacy of their testing process with minimal resource utilization. Below is an indicative snapshot of our existing banking test case repository (not exhaustive).

Current & Savings Accounts

More than 2000 cases

Branch Operations

More than 1200 cases

Retail & SME Loans

More than 800 cases

Corporate Deposits

More than 1000 cases


More than 1200 cases

Standing Instructions

More than 400 cases

Foreign Exchange

More than 400 cases

Money Markets

More than 500 cases

Letters of Credit

More than 1000 cases

Bills & Collection

More than 800 cases

Funds Transfer

More than 600 cases

Nostro Recon

More than 200 cases

Cash Management

More than 500 cases


More than 700 cases

Expense Processing

More than 500 cases

Relationship Pricing

More than 400 cases

Limits & Collateral Mgmt

More than 400 cases

Corporate Direct Banking

More than 1400 cases

Direct Banking Corp Loans

More than 1500 cases

Direct Banking Trade Fin

More than 700 cases

Islamic Assets

More than 2000 cases

Islamic Liabilities

More than 1800 cases


More than 1500 cases

Islamic CASA

More than 700 cases

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