Defining the future of the software testing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if like us, you’re one of ‘the wild ones’ with big dreams, the chops & the attitude to turn them into reality, then Yethi is the place to be. Check out our openings, drop us a line, come over for a quick conversation – we might be the best thing for each other.

Life At Yethi

Life at Yethi

Yethi is built around passion. The passion to develop bleeding edge technology solutions and deliver jaw dropping customer success in the world of software testing.  And both these objectives are only fulfilled when the right people come together to rally around this cause. We have a great team that we’re extremely proud of and are constantly looking to grow our team.

Yethi is an organization where creativity and originality are encouraged in every sphere of work. To do what we do, we have to collectively be at our best always and to that end, we focus on personal and professional development that is complementary to each other; where individuals are able to align their goals with those of the organization.

If you are longing for a work environment that encourages and rewards employee participation and suggestions; that fosters innovation and out of the box thinking; and that invests in you and your growth, then Yethi is the place for you.

Join the Revolution

Sounds exciting? Raring to go?

Join us and become part of a high-energy, fast paced environment where you will acquire knowledge quickly and be given ample opportunities to apply what you have learned to the real world in ways that will excite, enrich and enthral you.

If you fit the bill, send us your resume at talent@yethi.in or browse through our open positions on LinkedIn and Naukri.

What our employees say


Until I came to Yethi, I was told that culture was just one among several important elements in an organization’s success — along with vision, strategy, and marketing. But after joining Yethi, I l can say that culture is one of the most significant foundations of a successful company. At Yethi the atmosphere is so competitive, that it just keeps us motivated. All my employees here are really friendly and co-operative.

At Yethi, the management is concerned about employees- as a result, employees are also keen to work and are more productive.

So far-So good- A journey worthwhile!


Working for Yethi was a gift beyond any measure. I got ample opportunities to learn in this company and I’m still learning something new every day. The management is supportive and they always find ways to help their employees in enhancing their skills. They are willing to listen and build upon the ideas their employees have to offer.

The work culture of this company is great and everyone I work with here is amazing.  The management is always keen to help us whenever we approach them for any issue.

Love to be a part of the Yethi Family!


Alex-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAYI consider joining Yethi as one of the best decisions in my career. Being a fresher, getting a good opportunity at the beginning of your career is itself something remarkable. My job profile involves a lot of interaction with the management, which has actually boosted my confidence and helped me to grow so quickly within such a short span of time. The management is approachable and is always willing to listen and implement new ideas, suggested by the employees.

Gowri Shanker

Gowri Shanker-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAY Yethi is amazing when it comes to work environment. Within a month of my joining, I got very quickly adapted to the work environment with the help of my colleagues who are just way beyond supportive. The company is growing and it provides huge opportunities to it employees. Lot of onsite opportunities, good projects and supportive managers, makes it all worthwhile. And when I compare Yethi with my previous company, it’s completely different compared to the management, work environment, co-workers, learning etc.

Yethi is a great company to develop your skills in the banking and finance sector.

Abdul Rasheed

Abdul Rasheed-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAYYethi is far better than the other IT companies in India, with flexible working hours, good work life balance, onsite opportunities both intra and international, this organization is a good place to work.

My colleagues are very friendly and extraverts, even the CEO of the company engages with employees as a friend rather than a superior manager, which actually distinguishes Yethi from other IT firms. In short, Yethi it is a perfect place to start your career since it provides good opportunity to learn about banking domain as well as IT.

Work seems no longer boring- Thanks to Yethi !


Anuradha-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAYIt’s been a long journey in Yethi. I had joined this organization in the year 2014, when our team was less than 10 people strong.  In 4yrs, we have grown and we are now more than 200 people in this company. There has been lot of learning and sharing among the team and we have grown exceptionally in the last few years. We have trained so many newcomers and today all of them are doing well in their careers.

My experience of working at Yethi was amazing I would love to stay here for many more years as this is a wonderful place to work!



Cheryl-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAYWorking with Yethi has been an enriching experience as this company provides an excellent opportunity to polish your learning curves in the BFSI Domain. The management always looks after the concern of the employees and seniors are very supportive to impart knowledge and are always ready to help. Yethi gives us the scaling capacity to grow and excel in all the dimensions of our career path, which is why I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.

Amazing team, and supportive managers makes this organization a great place to work.


Sandeep-WHAT OUR EMPLOYEES SAYIn Yethi, the work culture and work space is great.  Most of us spend our maximum time in office, and it has become a second home for me.  As a start-up company, you will get enough scope to enhance your skill set and as per your skill set you will get the opportunity. The management is really cooperative and they understand the problem areas of the employee and always are willing to help us. I am working with Yethi for more than 3 years and it has been a wonderful journey so far.

Love my team!