Looking for Testing Automation that just Works?

No more error-prone manual testing. No more high maintenance, tightly coupled script recordings. No more long stabilization periods. Just seamless, effective, and easy to use software testing. Welcome to the new world of Robotic Software Testing. Powered by Tenjin.

Welcome the Future.

Meet Tenjin.

Experience the Real Benefits of 5th Generation Robotic Testing

Faster with Lesser

Reduced time to market through application specific Tenjin Adapters that results in significantly faster execution, unparalleled resilience to change, and minimal effort through automated result validation and reporting.

Low Footprint Flexibility

Robotic UI Discovery vs manual scripting/ recording eliminates massive testing overheads, cumbersome change management, and extensive artefact maintenance. Net result – Smart, Versatile and Low Maintenance Testing.

Automation without Engineers

Zero technical knowledge requirement allows testing to focus on what truly matters – effectiveness, efficiency and business outcomes. No more coder dependencies. No more obscure technical excuses. Let your Business Users take control with Tenjin.

Tenjin Adapters: Plug and Play Test Automation


The Tenjin Advantage


Reduce automation gestation from 6+ months to 1 month


Experience warp speed execution with up to 10X improvement over manual testing


Cut Regression Testing effort by 50% to 80% through Robotic UI Discovery


Achieve unparalleled optimization with 30% lower UAT staff requirement

Delivering Customer Success


Testing Services

Functional Testing

With increasing application complexity, shorter time to market and rapid technological evolution, functional testing of your software is critical and, often, unfortunately complex. Cut through the complexity with Yethi’s comprehensive functional testing services. With deep domain expertise in banking and financial services, extensive pre-packaged test assets and cutting edge technology skills, Yethi provides the right solution for your functional testing requirements – from Integration Testing to User Acceptance Testing to Regression.

Non-Functional Testing

With increased reliance on software systems across the organizational value stream, from back office operations, to support systems and customer transactions, the importance on performance has never been greater. The catastrophic consequences of software failure, small and large, are well documented. Ensuring responsiveness, throughput, stability, scalability, and security hence, is paramount. Discover the assurance of comprehensive performance and security testing from the best in the industry.